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Yankees crack down on how many chains Alex Verdugo is allowed to wear during games, per report

  • Updated:2024-04-07 17:12    Views:67
  • Baseball fans who had grown accustomed to watching Alex Verdugo play during his Red Sox years were likely quite familiar with his look, which included a distinctive red beard and a number of chains around his neck. Once he was traded to the Yankees, we knew the beard had to go, but the chains are also under close watch, too, apparently.

    Yankees manager Aaron Boone has ordered Verdugo a maximum of one chain around his neck per game, according to the new Bronx Bomber. 

    "It's kind of been hard, man," Verdugo told the Associated Press. "Because usually I'm used to wearing like three of four."

    Verdugo has been packing at least six chains per road trip for years, he said. 

    One in particular has special meaning to Verdugo. 

    "My favorite chain is actually a custom one that I got built for my mom who was going through breast cancer," he told the AP. "I did breast cancer ribbons with hearts connecting all of them. So that's actually my favorite chain. But I don't wear it a lot because I don't want to break it."

    That portion of the story looks like it's headed for a happy ending. Verdugo said his mother is still going through treatment, but is cancer free. Once she's done, he's giving her that chain.

    The Yankees have long been known for their facial hair policy, which permits a mustache but nothing more. Some players over the years have said it would deter them from signing with the club (including David Price), but most just pick up a razor.

    If Verdugo's situation is any indication, it won't be just the facial hair moving forward. 

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